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A Room of Ones Own - Seasons- Nana Shiomi

A Room of Ones Own - Seasons- Nana Shiomi

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81 x 115


Shiomi’s tribute to two artists who have influenced her – writer Virginia Woolf, whose essay; A Room of One’s Own encouraged all women to have their own careers, and Giorgio de Chirico, the Italian surrealist artist whose train image can be seen in the background. As in all aspects of Japanese life, the seasons are a recurring theme in Shiomi’s works, denoted here by the winter/spring bowl on the left and summer/autumn bowl on the right.

Nana Shiomi (b. 1956) works in the traditional Japanese woodblock technique. Her works often explore the theme of duality – of opposites and contrasts, and many shine a new light on symbols of Japanese culture. She lives and works in London.

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