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Genpei No.1 Strong Bow of Tametomo - Hideo Takeda

Genpei No.1 Strong Bow of Tametomo - Hideo Takeda

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71 x 53cm


A samurai of the Minamoto clan, Tametomo was known as a powerful archer and is said to have sunk an entire ship of the enemy Taira clan with a single arrow by puncturing its hull below the waterline.

This is one of twenty-two silkscreen prints from Takeda’s Genpei Series. They were exhibited in the artist's solo show at the British Museum in 1993. The Genpei Wars were a conflict during 1180-1185 between two feudal clans - the Minamoto clan and the Taira clan, with the former victorious. These images depict some of the samurai legends who fought in the battles.

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