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Kumadori - Juliane Yamada

Kumadori - Juliane Yamada

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Kumadori is a stage make-up worn by actors in Japanese traditional kabuki theatre, developed in the Edo Period (1603-1868) and still popular today. The make-up is always applied by the actors themselves. This image beautifully captures the renowned actor Ichikawa Ennosuke III meticulously and carefully colouring his face over a white foundation. Only a few colours are used in kumadori make-up: red, blue, brown and black. Red kumadori indicates a powerful hero role, often a character with virtue and courage. Blue make-up is used to represent a villain, human or not, and represents negative emotions such as fear and jealousy.

Juliane Yamada (1940s-2020) Born in Illinois, Yamada went to work in Japan as a graphic artist and married a Japanese citizen. She lived with her family in the West Indies and Europe before returning to Japan and concentrating on portraiture. Her detailed works are printed using the lithographic process.

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