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Onna Shibaraku - Hiromitsu Takahashi

Onna Shibaraku - Hiromitsu Takahashi

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Japanese stencil "kappazuri"

76 x 705


Onna Shibaraku, literally translated “Woman (heroine) – Wait a moment!”, is a kabuki play first performed in 1746. The image shows Tomoe Gozen, a female warrior who comes to the rescue of several noblemen who are about to be arrested by an evil lord, Noriyori, shown on the right. The artist depicts the distinct contrast between the villain wearing kumadori blue make-up, and the feminine strength of Tomoe Gozen, holding both a sword and fan. The colours of the costumes are enhanced by printing the stencil on dark almost black-coloured washi paper, and the delicate patterns of the kimonos show the artist’s stencil printing skill at its height.

Hiromitsu Takahashi (b. 1959), known as Hiromitsu, works in “Kappa-zuri” – a traditional Japanese form of stencil printing. He is one of only a few artists currently working in this challenging technique. Many of his prints depict artists from Kabuki theatre.

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