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Isshi (One Arrow) - Hiromitsu Takahashi

Isshi (One Arrow) - Hiromitsu Takahashi

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Japanese stencil "kappazuri"

76 x 68cm


From the kabuki play Osshu Adachi gahara, first performed in 1763. The image depicts the warrior Muneto of the Abe samurai clan who - along with his brother - started a rebellion against the Minamoto clan but failed. Here he fires an arrow at the opposition. After their defeat, the two brothers became fugitives.

Hiromitsu Takahashi (b. 1959), known as Hiromitsu, works in “Kappa-zuri” – a traditional Japanese form of stencil printing. He is one of only a few artists currently working in this challenging technique. Many of his prints depict artists from Kabuki theatre.

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