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Vessel, Deep Blue, Aqua and Cobalt (2021)- Barry Stedman


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Thrown and altered earthenware vessel with slips and stains
17 x 18cm

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Barry Stedman (b.1965) is a ceramic artist whose colourful, dynamic forms come out of a deep connection to the landscape. Stedman came to ceramics after a career in retail when he was seduced by the possibilities of clay to express abstract ideas of colour and form. He graduated with a degree in Ceramics from the University of Westminster in 2009, where he received the Caparo Award. Alongside his own practice, he now works as a studio assistant for renowned artist Edmund de Waal. Stedman’s works have been featured widely in exhibitions and galleries across the UK and internationally.

All of Stedman’s works, whether in clay or on paper, are developed in series and are rooted in the directness and urgency of drawing outside; responding to the weather, drama and life which surrounds his garden studio by the river Flit in Bedford. Starting on the wheel or constructed in slabs, the earthenware vessels are cut open and altered, scored and handled, before being glazed with layers of oxide, slip and washes of vivid colour. The vessels are then offered to the kiln, sometimes in multiple firings, in an open dialogue of transformation; infused with the marks, rhythm and energy of their making.

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