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The Path of the Fox- Ed Boxall


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Hand coloured lino
Image size: 30 x 41 cm
Edition of 30

Please contact Alice Offer (01483 901802) to arrange delivery

"I am an artist, writer, and performer. I like to make pictures, poems and stories that mix up everyday things (like porridge) with magical things (like unicorns). Many of my prints capture moments from life: children’s encounters with animals, walking on the beach. Other images have a more ambiguous poetry: people light fires in sea shells and drift on empty seas.
In recent years I have become very involved in children’s poetry both as illustrator and poet. My book Me and My Alien Friend (published by Troika) was recommended for The Summer Reading Challenge. I am also a dynamic performer and educator who loves to run workshops and perform in schools, arts centres and festivals.

How I work

I studied printmaking at Humberside University and later as part of the MA in illustration at Saint Martins in London. I began as a passionate etcher but the tutors wisely steered me towards relief printing, which suits my approach to markmaking much better. I make my prints in my studio in a shed at the bottom of my garden

What I love about night
The ordinary streets around my house in the evening and night are beautiful. Strange worlds revealed in the streetlights giving everything a sense of dream. The lights on in houses
are cosy and reassuring. Wandering badgers and foxes remind me all this beautiful manmade suburbia is built on a much older beauty: the ancient, wild forest of old England."

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