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Sunset, Wisley Gardens - Tania Busschau


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mixed media
38 x 32cm

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Tania Busschau is originally from South Africa, where she studied fine arts and obtained a degree in art history. After working in small galleries and also in office administration, she returned to her first love of making art. Since 2014 she has exhibited regularly with the Society of Graphic Fine Art, joining as an associate member in 2018 and becoming a full member in 2020. Tania has also had work accepted for the Society of Women Artists open exhibitions and for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition in 2020.

“I prefer drawing above any other medium - especially drawing in ink. I will often make quick drawings outside in the landscape with watercolour and ink in a sketchbook - I’m a firm believer that a sketchbook is an artist's best tool. When I go back to the studio, I then use these drawings and photographs to complete the very detailed drawings that I love making. My favourite subjects are trees because I love the light, shadows and textures you find when walking amongst them. Ink - in the form of fine liners, dip pens and ink washes mixed with other media - offers a wide scope for expression and experimentation. I work on paper and also on Clayboard panels, which allow me to manipulate the drawing surface by scratching into it and working in layers.”

Favourite local places

Abinger Roughs - The woodland is a peaceful space with ancient beech trees and views across the surrounding farmland. It became a favourite place to visit during lockdown and I drew it several times.

Newlands Corner - This is a special place with captivating views across the landscape, but I love it most for the ancient yew trees that I often include in my drawings.

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