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Summer Garden, Round Form (2021) - Judy McKenzie


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Coloured porcelain with silver Kintsugi
16 x 6.5cm

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Judy McKenzie (b.1955) is a ceramicist based in Essex, whose practice explores the materiality of clay and her connection to it. She initially started her career in the design and printing industry, before deciding at the age of sixty to pursue her passion for ceramics. She studied for a BA in 3D Crafts & Design, graduating with a 1st class degree, before undertaking an MA in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art in 2018. Whilst at the RCA, she was invited to exhibit her work in Hangzhou, China. She was also awarded a commission by the Royal Over-Seas League. Since graduating, McKenzie’s works have been exhibited throughout the UK, most recently at Future Icons, The Burlington Arcade, London; The Byre Gallery, London Craft Week and culture.object in New York, USA.
McKenzie colours porcelain clay with stains and oxides by hand before forming patterns and designs, following the traditional Japanese and time-consuming technique of Nerikomi. Once fired, the works are left unglazed and polished to create a tactile, silky surface. McKenzie also uses Kintsugi – the technique of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold, silver or platinum – to embrace the imperfections that appear during the construction, drying and firing processes. Each work is unique and through this combination of ancient techniques, McKenzie ensures an ongoing dialogue between maker and material.

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