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Richard Spare- Japanese White Eye


Richard Spare A master printmaker, Richard has editioned work for many renowned contemporary artists, including David Hockney, Donald Sultan and Keith Haring. In the late 1970s he worked as Hockney’s assistant. He also worked with American artist Jasper Johns in the late 1980s proofing and editioning complex prints.
Since founding Wellington Studio in 1989 in Charlton, South East London, Richard has focused on his own artwork. The studio is a homage to the art of printmaking with its lovingly restored antique press, and the garden there inspires him, with its plants and wildlife. A frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Richard also regularly shows his work internationally. He is planning to undertake his 13th tour of Japan in late 2021, having already held over 200 solo exhibitions in over 30 cities across the country so far.

Medium: Drypoint and Watercolour


Picture size: 15 x 12.5cm

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