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Rose Electra Harris- Dinner in Palermo III


Rose Electra Harris is a London-based artist, working both as a printmaker and mixed-media artist. She completed her BA hons in Printmaking at Brighton University in 2015 (where she won the Printmaking Award) and now works in her studio in south London. Rose has exhibited in Venice, London and Berlin.
Rose’s vibrantly coloured works explore the interior, creating dreamlike and surreal interpretations of domestic space. She constantly uses motifs such as plants, chairs, bathtubs and chandeliers in her distorted-perspective scenes. The exotic bright hues of colour and the intricate patterns and textures in her work are inspired by her travels around Sicily, Mexico and Morocco. To Rose, a room is an oasis and the things within it are what bring it to life.

Medium: Etching with chine- colle

Size: 43 x 34 cm


Edition number: 1/1

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