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Richard Shimell- The Sentinels


Richard Shimell lives in a wooded valley on the edge of Dartmoor. He is drawn to the landscapes there and their complexity, and to trees in particular. Before becoming a printmaker, he was a journalist, and started printmaking as a hobby ten years ago. He soon felt he had found his vocation.
Richard makes his prints by carving pieces of vinyl floor tiles. Each plate can take up to a month to carve. He starts by sketching an image directly onto the plate, then carving around the marks to remove the background. He uses lino cutting tools and sometimes wood engraving tools for fine textural details. Once proofed and corrected, he usually makes one or two other plates to go with the tree plate to make a background colour, adding interest and mood to the landscape.

Medium: Linocut

Edition number: 19/90


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