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Remembering You- Sarah Morgan


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Collagraph print
Image size: 35 x 35 cm
edition of 10

Please contact Alice Offer (01483 901802) to arrange delivery

"Originally I trained in theatre set design and production and worked for many years as a painter / prop maker. I fell in love with the process of printing and become a little obsessed with collagraph prints, enjoying the texture and atmosphere you can create with them. My prints are often inspired by memories, emotions and anything that catches my eye and imagination. They have often been described as having an ethereal quality to them.
I have shown with various galleries and print exhibitions such as The other art fair , Woolwich Print Fair, Cambridge Contemporary Art, and The Great Print Exhibition.

How I work

I work mainly with collagraphs prints as I love the process and the variety of effects and colours which can be produced. They can be as simple or complicated as you want. Each collagraph plate is made up of mount board, tape, glue and sometimes carborundum. I then scratch and cut away pieces of the mount board /tape until I have the image I want. I then ink up each plate by hand and put them onto a printing press and pull them through with dampened paper on top. This whole inking up process has to be repeated for each print which is why prints can vary a little, making each print unique.

What I love about night

Depending where you are, I love the night sky if you can see it"

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