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Phases of the Moon- Kit Boyd


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Etching unique hand coloured
Image size: 15 x 15cm
Edition of 1/30 minor hand colouring

Please contact Alice Offer (01483 901802) to arrange delivery

"My art explores our relationship with landscape and our place in nature. I work in the British romantic tradition following the path of Samuel Palmer and the neo-romantic artists.

I studied Visual Art at Aberystwyth University, specialising in photography and painting and writing my dissertation on John Craxton. My interest in Neo-romanticism continued after I left college and my style developed over the years, moving away from my earlier surrealist images.

I now work from my studio at Arthub next to the Thames Barrier in London and spend my time between London and the mid-Wales/Shropshire borders, where the vision of
Samuel Palmer is alive in the British countryside - the moon rises above sheep fields and the lush
vegetation twines darkly in old drovers' lanes.

How I work
I tend to make a finished painting or drawing before it becomes a print. Depending on the subject and style, I'll make either an etching or a linocut. With etching, there is always some uncertainty as to how it will turn out after going into the acid, and that's part of the enjoyment and the challenge! With linocut, I like building up layers of colour and the challenge is to work out what might happen when translucent colours combine.

What I love about night

The Moon. Dreaming. When I'm in Wales, looking out into infinite space as the skies are still dark enough to see the Milky Way."

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