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Jennie Ing- St Pauls


St Paul’s Cathedral with Barbican: St Paul’s Cathedral is one of my favourite London landmarks. There’s something certain and established, and quietly reassuring about it, though now dwarfed by so much new build, it’s strong enough not to be dominated. I’ve made several different prints featuring it from different views. This time I wanted to include the Barbican with its very visually appealing brutalist architectural forms. Looking at this view, from across the Thames near Tate Modern, it’s as if the Barbican block was sitting on St Paul’s shoulder.

I wanted to create the impression of light falling across, and keep the print simple in detail - this last point not always easy for me. Worked by the linocut reduction block method, I limited myself to three layers, a bright background, with a mid and dark shade of grey, putting in only as much information as I felt was necessary.

Jennie Ing trained in printmaking at Croydon College and Wimbledon School of Art. Influenced by the prints of past masters such as Edward Bawden and Robert Tavener, her work is mostly inspired by city architecture and the world around us. She takes the familiar and less familiar to develop boldly coloured linocuts. She enjoys contrasting strong shapes of modern architecture alongside the old. Using the reduction linocut method [cutting away the block and printing one colour at a time on top of the previous layer], she prints by hand on her Victorian Albion press.
Jennie is a member of Greenwich Printmakers, Southbank Printmakers, the Printmakers Council and the Fountain Gallery at Hampton Court. She has work in a number of UK galleries, and exhibits regularly in art fairs across the country.

Medium: Lincout


Picture size: 21 x 15cm

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