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On the Edge of Autumn - Yeside Linney


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acrylic and mixed media on dibond, resined
50 x 70cm

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Yeside Linney is a Nigerian-born retired secondary school teacher turned artist. Largely self-taught, she regards herself as an eclectic art pilgrim whose six year and on-going journey is a process of self-discovery, using acrylics, mixed media and inks. She is predominantly a landscape painter, though is attracted to other forms of expression, often abstracted. She draws much of her inspiration from her natural Surrey environment, literature and travels. Yeside was a reserve artist for Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2021. She was runner-up in the final of Surrey Artist of the Year 2021 and has recently been accepted into the prestigious Artcan organisation.

“My art work is like a crucible: eclectic with an underlying sense of jeopardy, but ultimately satisfying. Rather than the traditional landscape, my paintings create a feeling of place. I work mainly from found objects or photographs as well as memory. I keep a notepad by my bed because ideas often flood in when I am rested. Acrylics and inks are my favourite media, but vary depending on the style of each work. I absolutely love playing with different textures, especially being attentive to the alchemy of different materials such as salt and ash. The application depends on my mood, often using palette knives, credit cards or merely my fingers. This naturally affects the diversity of mark making and the use of light. I want my paintings to encourage you to linger so that each time you return, your experience is richer.”

Favourite local places

Waggoner’s Wells – for the tranquility, the colours, contrasting light, water and reflections

The Devil’s Punchbowl – I love the contours of the land and roll of trees in the landscape and the colours, especially when the heather is out

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