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Maz Jackson - The Eighth of its Kind


egg tempura on gilded oak
55 x 33 x 7cm

“Maz Jackson is a Norfolk artist, recognised worldwide for her egg tempera panels, which follow the 15th-century methods of Cennino d'Andrea Cennini. Created on a piece of oak and painted with egg tempera, Jackson crafted this piece entitled Time. In it, she depicts Garboldisham Heath, a Neolithic barrow said to be, by some, Iceni Queen Boudicca's place of burial. By taking this place, filled with Norfolk history, and populating it with spirits and shamanic indications, Jackson creates a Surrealist image that shows us the deep relation between landscape and belief systems that are echoed throughout the world.”
Rene Garcia - exhibition co-curator Art of Faith: Self Spirit Surroundings at the Sainsbury Centre, UEA, Norwich. Time also exhibited with fellow Florence Biennale artists in Assisi, Italy.

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