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Louisa Crispin - Glimpse FPS010


graphite on folded paper
27 x 27 x 5cm

The FlightPath series explores the materiality of graphite media whilst considering the plight of less popular insects. The narrative is about wildlife corridors, the importance of a network of routes between habitats. I catch glimpses of insects between the folds of the concertina sculptures and struggle to find empty space to draw an insect within the marks. It's become a metaphor for the struggle in nature.

I visited Watts Gallery in 2014 to view Ellen Terry's Beetle Dress and was encouraged to see a tiny A6 sketchbook completed by GF Watts in a cabinet. At the time I had not been drawing long and I was encouraged to try much larger books, which did not feel comfortable. If Watts life-size portraits could be inspired by such a tiny sketch, then I could draw in them too!

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