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Sarah Morgan- Plucking up the Courage


Plucking up the Courage: This print is about my want to be an all-year-round outdoor/wild swimmer, as I have been told its great for your mental health and your soul.
But I have yet be able to pluck up the courage! I can’t get myself into the cold water unless it’s truly a very hot day! But I admire all the swimmers who are able to go for a dip year-round and in my work you will see I often have swimmers in various situations, quite often plucking up the courage to take the plunge.

Sarah Morgan originally trained as a theatre set designer, and worked as a freelance painter / prop maker for many years. A few years ago, she attended a couple of short printmaking courses and fell in love with the process of printing, and particularly with collagraph. She now works mainly with collagraph prints, enjoying the texture and atmosphere you can create with them.
Sarah’s prints are often inspired by memories, thoughts of adventure and anything else that catches her eye and imagination. Her work has been shown at the Woolwich Print Fair, The Great Print Exhibition and with several galleries in the UK.

Medium: Collograph with gouache


Picture size: 42 x 35cm

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