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Rebecca Denton- Evening Flight

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Evening Flight: There’s something about expanses of water, whether lake, river or sea, which instils calm. Perhaps it’s because our bodies are largely made up of water or the fact, we spent nine formative months floating in it?

Birds in flight is a nostalgic image, symbolic of a spiritual journey, change and hope. I have an individual inking style where I remove ink in broad sweeps of a cloth and leave it on some areas, capturing the light, mood and movement.

Rebecca Denton began working as a conceptual illustrator and painter before discovering an affinity with etching. She established her own studio in north London and became a member of the Southbank Printmakers Council. She has exhibited all over the UK, including at London’s Bankside Gallery and at the Royal Academy. Her work is included in the collection of the V&A.
Rebecca’s love of story-telling started out with her training as an opera singer, and a tendency to “switch off” from the world around her. The idea and image always come first, then the technique. Her narrative etchings can be playful, sometimes with a serious context, but always hopeful and life-affirming. What ties her work together is the love of light and movement – capturing moments of beauty where the soul of a place can be felt.

Medium: Etching and Aquatint


Picture size: 58cm x 58cm

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