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Guinea Fowl I- Jane Silk


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33cm H x 14cm W

I have always loved birds. I’m attracted by their shapes and behaviour and can happily spend long periods watching them and observing their movements. Increasingly, I am mesmerised by their birdsong. During this last year, I think we have all become increasingly aware and appreciative of the beauty of birdsong and I delight in finding myself gradually more able to identify which birds I can hear. Living in the countryside it is uplifting and absorbing!

My favourite part of the process is handling the clay. Many of my birds start as a pinched pot, which I leave to firm up sufficiently, before stretching it into the full shape of a bird. I like them to be puffed up and plump! Some birds are made using slabs of clay, which are shaped and cajoled into the form I require. Once the clay is leather hard, the surface is refined with tools - a gentle, meditative process. Details are added, either with coloured slips, texture or sometimes, with added relief. After slow drying – essential for feathers and beaks - I then bisque fire before glazing and then firing again at a higher temperature. Every piece develops on from the previous one, so no two are ever the same.

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