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Gill Tyson- Sea Gap


Gill Tyson specialises in lithography, a printmaking process that combines direct and expressive mark-making with deliberate and afore-thought building of layers. Her current practice is focussed on a small part of the world she inhabits on a remote peninsula on the North West coast of Scotland, and in particular the incremental changes with the passage of time. In cool atmospheric colours, Gill explores this remote landscape. Her brushstrokes indicate a distilled image, with only hints of a human presence. Her lithographic technique has been described as “painting in slow motion”.
Gill trained at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art. Among many awards, she has been Printmaker of the Year at Printfest (2018) and was one of the artists representing Britain in the International Print Exhibition in Kyoto, Japan in 2012. She is a former Chairman of Edinburgh Printmakers, where she makes her lithographs.

Medium: Lithograph

Edition number:

Size: 50 x 70cm


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