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Fiona Watson- The Puddle Bathers


Fiona Watson is a Scotland-based artist with a diverse body of work, including etching, digital imaging, photography, collage, painting, video and land art. Her styles range from minimalist to whimsical playfulness. A fascination with patterns, rhythms, form and colours in nature led initially to a Biological Sciences BSc; after several years working for medical journals, she decided to study printmaking at Glasgow Print Studio – etching copper and plate with acid turned out to be the perfect blend of science and art.
The essence of much of her work is the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi – the nature and transient beauty of simple everyday things: the overlooked, imperfect and incomplete. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally, and is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

Medium: Etching with watercolour

Size: 36 x 38cm

Edition number: 43/60


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