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Emily Smith Polyblank- Oblivious


Emily Smith Polyblank – Born in 1968 to artist parents, Emily made her first linocut (a dog) before she was eight. She carried on painting and drawing and completed an art Foundation course in Maidstone then a degree at Farnham, where she experimented with several types of print-making.
Now married and with two children, Emily surrounds herself with art, animals and nature. She lives in Kent on a small-holding co-operative that is nearly self-sufficient and creates linocuts and woodcuts inspired by her surroundings. In woodcuts, she loves using stressed wood where the grain in prominent. The knots and grain can dictate the composition and image. Her prints have been included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition several times.

Medium: Woodcut

Size: 23 X 89 CM

Edition number: 41/100


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