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Eclogue I; Your Pastures All Choked with Rushes and Mire- Flora McLachlan


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Image size: 16 x 20 cm

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"I began with an Art Foundation course at Brighton College of Technology (1993), then studied English at Oxford. I spent the next 15 years making etchings at Oxford
Printmakers Co-op and in 2016 I established my own print workshop in West Wales, on the edge of a wild moor. I was elected to membership of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in 2008 and became a Fellow in 2013. I have just completed an MA in Fine Art at Aberystwyth School of Art. Prizes include the Norman Ackroyd Prize for Etching at the Impressions Printmaking Biennial in Ireland, 2019, and First Prize in the Remarque.International Print Prize 2019 in Albuquerque, USA. I am showing at this year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

How I work

When I make etchings, I bite the copper plate deeply then use sandpaper to attack and sculpt the plate surface until the atmosphere is right. Once I’ve created the terrain, I add shadows and weathers using spit bite aquatint, painting the acid on like watercolour to express my lyrical response to landscape and the spirit of place.
In contrast, when working with lithography I watch the flow of the washes as I flood them onto the limestone block, and follow the idea onwards as I draw, scraping away areas to slowly build the image.

What I love about night

I love working in black and white – so the night is the ideal land of my imagination. I love the way the outlines of things are uncertain and half-seen, half-imagined…anything seems possible."

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