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Denizen of the Night- Jane Lydbury


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Relief Engraving
Image size: 18 x 16cm
Edition of 25

Please contact Alice Offer (01483 901802) to arrange delivery

"I have pursued a career as a freelance printmaker and illustrator since graduating from the University of Arts. Before art school I studied English, and many of my book illustrations have been in the form of relief printmaking. I have had work published by the Folio Society, Oxford University Press, and Penguin Books among others. Relief printing appeals to me as I
enjoy the strength of the images, and engraving appeals because one can achieve so many modulations of tone with it.
I'm a member of the Society of Wood Engravers. I have had prints accepted for the RA Summer
exhibition on five occasions, where in 2007 my print was listed for the Insight Investment Newcomer's prize. I have been a long time member of the Southbank Printmakers.

I am enjoying exploring the possibilities of relief printing in colour, aided by Ternes Burton pins, which keep the printing paper registered exactly no matter how many colours you wish to print. I say I'm an engraver because I use different tools from Lino cutting or wood cutting. Engraving tools are designed to cut very fine lines and hence achieve great detail.

What I love about night
All that is insubstantial, ambiguous, uncertain, holds sway in the night. The night is the time of dreams when the boundaries between realms become undefined. Presided over by the great goddess, the moon."

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