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Between the Falls- Sherrie-Leigh Jones


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Screenprint with graphite powder and ink
Image size: 6 cm diameter
edition of 5

Please contact Alice Offer (01483 901802) to arrange delivery

"I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2012 with a BA (Hons) Fine Art Printmaking degree and since then I have been lucky to receive several prestigious awards, and invited to take part in a number of major exhibitions, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (2021) and to work with Woolwich Contemporary Editions (2018).

I create landscape prints inspired by nature, travel and changing seasons. I am interested in creating a journey through vast imagined landscapes that explore the idea ever-changing environments, juxtaposing the real and fantastical, and offering the viewer a sense of escapism.

How I work

To create my prints, I assemble analog and digital collages using my travel photographs and photos taken on walks in the English countryside. These are then combined with paintings, and occasionally found imagery. The finished compositions are then taken into the print studio and I hand print the final artworks using printmaking techniques and processes such as screenprinting and cellulose transfer printing.

My recent series of prints, takes inspiration from the Japanese woodblock printmaking, and Chinese landscape paintings, which depict and idealised landscape of mountains, rivers, clouds and mist.

What I love about night

The colours of the sky as the day ends and starts to turn to night with the setting of the sun and a quiet, peacefulness setting in as the sky darkens to bring out the moon and stars."

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