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Fiona - Clare Dabinett


bronze - brown patina
22 x 15 x 22cm

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Clare is a writer, teacher and sculptor. Having read literature at university and spent years writing poetry and short stories, she combines this with sculpting and giving classes in portraiture, bringing about shifting approaches to creativity, which has resulted in the robust sculptures she makes today. Her sculptures express the essence of the human form in clay and bronze; her sensual, earthy figures each attempt to liberate the power and beauty of the human spirit, speaking of fragility and strength in equal measure.

During a life-changing trip to Honfleur in Normandy I was introduced to sculpture – it was a moment of enlightenment – and I have never looked back. Twenty years later, I am pursuing my passion of working with clay. It’s a very exciting medium to work with; it has a language of its own. Each sculpture is intensely absorbing and I’m never quite sure where it will end. I’ve adopted a fluid, energetic sculpting method, layering the clay with fast gestures. Sometimes I can’t sculpt quickly enough to capture what I’m trying to achieve. It’s both emotionally and physically tiring yet completely fulfilling to see the emerging sculpture born out of my imagination into its clay form.

The river Mease flows through my village and meanders quite dramatically, flowing under limbs of trees. I use these visions to create fluid, vital forms back in my garden workshop. During summer months I sculpt in a Pyrenean workspace, watching people on the vibrant streets; their movements, inner lives and natures are an endless source of inspiration.

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