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Against the Wind - Lucy Lutyens


iron resin 10/12
18.5 x 19 x 8 cm

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After an early career as a specialist furniture painter, Lucy trained at Colchester School of Art as a mature student and then continued to learn sculptural technique with Miles Robinson in Suffolk. She is the great niece of Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was a friend of G F Watts, and a regular visitor to Limnerslease.

As soon as I was given some clay and made my first sculpture I knew I was a sculptor not a painter – it’s all about being able to feel the piece as I work and letting it come to life of its own accord. My work is inspired by objects and shapes I come across in my rural environment, reduced to abstracted sculptural forms that often have a birdlike or botanical essence. I work initially in plaster or resin; the sculptures are then cast in bronze and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor display. It is challenging turning an original idea - maybe just a thought in my head - into a 3D form. The whole process is also quite physical and often heavy, therefore demanding on the body.

Living and working on a medieval farm has a profound influence on my works. There are bronze age, iron age and roman settlements surrounding us – a humbling reminder that we are merely the curators of the land. It is this that has inspired and influenced my creativity for the past thirty years. Living with three generations of the family around me is also profoundly inspiring.

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