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Act of Union - Rachel Shaw-Ashton


paper-cut paper mounted on pins
20 x 20 cm

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Rachel completed a BA in illustration at Brighton College of Art where she was tutored by Raymond Briggs (Fungus the Bogeyman). After many years as a freelance journalist she turned to painting which accidentally led to paper cutting. She has been represented by Jaggedart in Marylebone since 2009 and regularly takes part in shows and art fairs in the UK and in galleries in New York and Spain. Her works concentrate on figures in motion and convey a feeling of freedom and spontaneity. She aims to capture a moment of strong emotion and the interchange between the static and ecstatic.

I became interested in three-dimensional paper cutting by accident. I was painting figures with a wood varnish and when I held the varnished figure off the page it created a beautiful shadow. This let to my first gallery work of hundreds of tiny girls sitting in a tree. From afar the girls looked like leaves. Since then the works have become more complicated and I tend to use birds.
Putting the work together is really enjoyable, though very fiddly. It takes me many days to actually make the little cuttings and that gets a bit tedious, but I prefer to use a scalpel (rather than a laser) as I like the idea that each little figure is different from the others in some tiny way.

I work from home at my flat in London, or if I’m lucky I will be in Suffolk where I have a wonderful studio in a field. I have recently made paper wild flowers and grasses which were inspired by ones growing in the field.

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