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Margaret Ashman- Midori no Doresu (Green Dress)


Margaret Ashman lives in London and works from her studio in Finsbury Park, where she makes prints and photo-etchings. After a brief career as a physicist and a longer period at home bringing up her four children, she re-trained, studying Fine Art at Hertfordshire, and Printmaking at Brighton.
Margaret is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. She has participated in many international print exhibitions, including in China, Japan, Sweden, USA, Canada, Italy and Portugal. Her work is held in numerous collections, including the V&A, Ashmolean, and Fitzwilliam Museum.
Margaret’s work is often an exploration of the human condition – solitude, inner searching and longing. She is also interested in capturing movement, and enjoys working from video footage of dancers. Her work with dancers and users of sign language has led to ethereal images capturing fleeting moments and spontaneous gesture.

Medium: Photo Etching


Picture size: 48 x 60cm

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