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Margaret Ashman- Mori (Woods)


Mori (Woods): The Woods series began with a video of Indonesian dancer Kezia Alyssa Sandy. She was performing in a studio to the worship song, In Christ Alone. Kezia kindly granted permission me use the video to make etchings. The title Mori (meaning ‘woods’ in Japanese) reflects my love of all things Japanese - their minimalist aesthetic and orderliness.

The trees were drawn digitally alongside the image of the dancer in photoshop and transferred to steel plates by photo etching. The drawings are based on memory and are not representative of a particular place. The introduction of forest landscapes into the work creates a new dynamic and allowed me to explore the interplay of light and space, human form and the geometry and tones of nature. This image and the other works in this series are very pertinent to life this year, as so many of us seek solace in nature.

Medium: Photo etching


Picture size: 48 x 60cm

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